Pasquale Romano
Owner Cin-Cin Wine Bar & Centonove

Pasquale (Pat) Romano has been interested in food and wine his whole life. With an Italian-born father, he enjoyed an authentic Italian upbringing that included long annual trips to Italy. It was only natural that he would ultimately co-found Centonove, where he can share the many facets of Italian food and wine with his local community.

Pasquale has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of ChargePoint, Inc. since February 2011. Previously, Pasquale co-founded 2Wire in 1998 and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer from September 2006 to October 2010 when it was acquired by Pace plc for $475M. From 1993 to 1998, Pasquale held multiple positions in marketing and engineering at Polycom. In 1989, Pasquale co-founded Fluent, Inc., a digital video networking company and served as Chief Architect until it was sold to Novell Corporation in 1993. In addition to serving as a board member for ChargePoint, Pasquale also serves as a board member for AgilOne, Inc., a big data analytics company, and previously for Meraki, Inc., a cloud managed networking company purchased by Cisco in December 2012. Pasquale currently sits on the advisory board for Virdata, an internet of things infrastructure company, and formerly held an advisory board role at Basis Science, a wearable fitness device company purchased by Intel in 2014. Pasquale holds an undergraduate degree in computer science from Harvard University and received his M.S. from MIT.