About Cin-Cin

Cin-Cin [chin-chin] is an Italian toast meaning "to your health."

Cin-Cin Wine Bar resulted from a friendship of a successful Bay Area local restaurateur and a former Google marketing professional-turned-sommelier. Don Durante and Lisa Rhorer developed the concept of Cin-Cin based on their passion for food, wine and the environment. Cin-Cin is a neighborhood wine bar for friends and family to enjoy food and wine produced by sustainable, organic and biodynamic methods. Cin-Cin is a place where you can nourish your palate with pure, sophisticated and intense flavorsCin-Cin's interior design will incorporate many natural and recycled items such as bamboo, cork, recycled glass and reclaimed black walnut that create a "green" and vibrant environment.

Bring Wine Corks to Cin-Cin to be Recycled.
Cin-Cin is a partner of The Cork ReHarvest Program: a cork recycling program with ZERO increase to the carbon footprint. Put a cork in global warming. Bring your corks to Cin-Cin to be recycled.

Don Durante
Co-Proprietor, Business
and Food Management,
Cin-Cin Wine Bar

Don Durante is no stranger to the South Bay dining scene - his 30+ years in the restaurant industry have taught him the importance of impeccable customer service and enabled him to master the workings of a well-oiled restaurant. Don was owner and executive chef at the award-winning Le Mouton Noir in Saratoga and executive chef at the Silicon Valley icon Birk's Grill in Santa Clara. Dons most recent success is Cascal Restaurant in Mountain View where the Tapa-style menu offers bold flavors and exotic cocktails. Don looks forward to another great success with Cin-Cin Wine Bar.

Lisa Rhorer
Co-Proprietor/Wine Director,
Certified Sommelier,Court
of Master Sommeliers,
Certified Spanish Wine
Educator, Academy of Spain

Lisa Rhorer is a former high-tech marketing executive, working for such Silicon Valley giants as Google, Oracle and Creative Labs as well as technology publishing media leader, IDG. Lisa left Google to pursue her passion for wine, going on to graduate from the prestigious Professional Wine Studies Program at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena.

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Shingo Katsura
Executive Chef,
Cin-Cin Wine Bar

Chef Shingo Katsura was inspired to pursue cooking as a career while working in an externship program at Madera at Rosewood Sandhill Resort, Menlo Park, CA. It was an eye-opening experience when he saw how a real kitchen ran. The challenge of being able to balance hard work, working under pressure and teamwork interested him. Chef Katsura’s style of cooking is California -New American cuisine. He enjoys this type of cooking because the cuisine is fusioned with foods and cooking techniques from all over the world. It allows him to have a broad palate.